Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy Little Beaver

I feel like I'm caught in a whirlwind... go to the airport, go to the groomer, go home get other pups and go to the vet, take those pups home, go to the groomer to pick up pups there. Go home. Take care of big dogs who are starting to feel neglected. Neglect the big dogs who aren't. Intersperse between each set of chores cleaning up puppy pens. (Forget about the rest of the house... laundry? Next week is looking like a possibility.) Hit the sack as soon as pups are back in their pens, AFTER they get their Albon. Sleep like there's no tomorrow. Tomorrow go to the airport, go to the groomer, well, you know the rest of the story.

Had some snow overnight, not enough to keep me on the hill... especially as I was supposed to ship a puppy... BUT there's a vehicle across the bottom of my drive... stopped just before the ditch... so the airport is out. Lucky for me and the new family, I heard the weather report yesterday and anticipated a problem so I double booked the pup and she's going tomorrow, along with two other pups. Which scared the poop out of the counter girl when I called Delta to tell them I wasn't bringing the donuts this morning. "THREE? AT THE SAME TIME?" As if SHE was going to be the one checking them in. The car's gone now, so I can make it out for the vet appointment.

And the sun is out! It may be only 24, but it LOOKS warmer.

I'm receiving lots of email about the pups that are still available (thank goodness!) but don't have the time to respond in any kind of meaningful way. Things will settle down in a few days, once the first batch are in their new homes and settling in. Right now, THEY are my first priority.
So if you've written and not received an answer, I apologise and promise I'll get to you as soon as I catch my breath.

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