Monday, January 10, 2011

My Days

I wrote the following in response to a question about a puppy's weight. Several of you have asked, so now you know!

I haven't had time to weigh the pups. I know everyone thinks I'm just
sitting here playing with 2 dozen babies... were that was true! Today I
did everyone's ears and flea topical (as well as photos.) Tomorrow I'm
starting everyone's nails... again. Then there is hair clipping around
eyes, butt and bottoms of feet, not necessarily in that order! Worming
(5 days in a row) coming up and let's not forget shots. Plus, you have
NO idea how much newspaper I go through a DAY, especially as the pups
have not been able to go outside at all. I used to make one trip to the
dump a week with dog and household "trash." Now it's at least two and
one of those is JUST dog stuff! And don't forget I have to pick up tons
of newspaper in the first place so the pups can use it so I can make the
landfill people rich!

I'm not complaining... well, yeah, I am! Or maybe I'm just making an observation. Having multiple litters for the first time in years has been an opportunity to watch puppy development with a new intensity. And the fact that Di's and Emy's pups are 3 days older than Cotton's has been like previews of coming attractions. It is amazing how the whole litter changes one day at a time, all 3 litters on the same schedule. Nature is a wondrous thing!

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