Monday, January 17, 2011

You Can't Get There from Here

Apparently, you can't get a dog into Toronto from anywhere in the south east USA. Kamika from Delta's Minneapolis center worked herself to death calling supervisors in various Delta hubs and checking with my local Delta station, trying to work details out but, in the end, the pup going to Canada is flying to Buffalo and being met there by her new family. Shipping to people in WESTERN Canada has not been a problem because I've just sent the pups to SEATAC in Seattle and they've picked them up there, but with all the flights into Toronta and good connections, it seemed it was going to be an easy job. HA! Live and learn.

Coccidia update
The pups who went to the vet today, after 3 doses of Albon, were clear of it. They'll stay on Albon for at least a week, just to be sure.

Puppy weights
The two pups from Di's litter weighed in today at 8.04 (male) and 9.06 (female.) Emy's boy was 11 pounds.

Pix of first pup to leave
This is Aubie, who moved to AL yesterday, with his new kids and Grandma's Havanese. Looks like everyone is happy!

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