Saturday, October 15, 2011

Moving Day

The pups are going to be leaving the bedroom and moving into the tv room. Sounds simple enough. But in order to do that, I have to move the dogs in the tv room some place else. And that means moving the dogs already some place else to another location and... you get the picture. Plus, just like when you move the couch, even if it's only to another wall, you have to get everything out of the way on the other wall... which means dusting everything and running the vacuum over that entire side of the room, including the wall and the blinds. And when you get the couch pulled out, there is all that stuff that has fallen behind or been kicked under it, like the tv remote you ended up replacing because you'd looked everywhere and couldn't find it and several copies of warranties that didn't end up in the file like you thought they had, and so on. The good news is everything seems to be going smoothly. New roommates are getting along AND several rooms are ready for an early Christmas! Since there is absolutely NOTHING worth watching on regular tv tonight, I may put the pups in their new spot and watch something on cable with them while they get used to the idea. Then again, I may move them and close a few doors and go to bed early!

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