Monday, October 3, 2011

Peri Update

First, there is no word on Cotton.

Then, Peri is at the vet. She was limping, carrying her right rear leg off the ground. My hopes that it was something minor were for naught. She has a dislocated hip.

Hip dislocation is a blunt force trauma. She could have been hit by a car or kicked by a horse, cow... or human, or fallen from some place. Since I have a problem visualizing her letting anything get close enough to kick her, I'm thinking probably a fall... she's too small for a car to have hit her and not done more damage.

They are doing a closed reduction this afternoon. That means no cutting. And she'll be in a sling for several weeks. IF that works, fine. However, since it's been several days, the probability is that it won't and she'll require surgery of some sort, from just a cleaning up of the socket to removal of the femur head.

She was NOT happy to be taken aswy from me.

She should have thought of that two weeks ago!

Picks going well
Already on the last choices!

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