Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two Things

A new page of photos at the regular puppy page address.
There is also a link to the old individual pages which we'll keep for a little bit.

So far, the pups have handled the move and new, more spacious quarters well. They're more active... doing a lot of running, even the tail-tucked head to the hills type running... but for shorter periods of time. Then they sleep VERY soundly! Their neighbors, my mini Poodle guy (Sparky) and two Malti-Poo (?) rescues, are fascinated by them. So everyone seems happy enough for the time being.

MY new address
I have reached the breaking point with the US post office and am getting a "mailboxes r us" address, probably on Tuesday. I'll still have the old po box address for at least 6 months, so not to worry. I WILL send you the new address... not posting it on the web!

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