Friday, October 21, 2011

8 Weeks Weights

Yep, 8 weeks. Pups had a busy day... getting weighed, getting their first shots, getting wormed, etc.
So here are the new results, again ladies first:
blond - - 5 pounds (previously 2.2)
mostly white parti - - 5 (previously 2.05)
50/50 parti - - 5.6 (previously 2.6)
And the boys:
black-and-tan - - 5.7 pounds (previously 2.4)
black w/most white - - 6.2 (previously 2.4)
black w/least white - - 6.85 (previously 2.7)
blond - - 6.0 (previously 2.75)

Interestingly, the 4 boys are the biggest pups while the 3 girls are the smallest although the biggest female (the 50/50) is just a tenth of a pound less than the smallest of the males (theblk/tan.) Usually there isn't such a distinct difference between the sexes. Makes 12 weeks weights something to look forward to!

Unfortunately, because of heavy air travel over Thanksgiving, the pups who are flying to their new homes will be stuck here with me until the Wednesday after the holiday. Flying in to pick one up won't work either because they will be too big to fit under the seat and will have to travel as cargo.

And they can't leave before 12 weeks because of the shot schedule.

Where's my mommy?
Emy leaves the puppy pen around 10 AM when she goes outside and I don't let her back in with the pups until nighttime. Monday and Tuesday, I put her back around 7:30-8 PM. But Wednesday and Thursday, I didn't. Wednesday I fell asleep while watching tv and didn't wake up until about 10... and I woke up to pups crying their little hearts out. Seriously. They had food and water, they just wanted their mama. As soon as I let her in with them, they shut up. Last night, I put her in about 9, before they got hysterical about her absence. And I have to get off here, let her go outside for a few minutes and put her in the puppy pen before it starts up tonight!

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