Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bad Me

Happy birthday to ALL those pups who turned a year on the 24th and the 27th! Don't know where my head was on Monday. I remembered it was Peri's birthday... and forgot about her brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and the grands (or once removeds!) Maybe my subconscious remembered this time last year because I've been exhausted all week! So a belated Happy One Year Birthday all around!

is DONE nursing. And in no uncertain terms! She is cuddling, playing, cleaning and being mom but she has decided she is no longer McDonalds! This morning when the kids were rooting around, trying to get her to expose her belly and the milk taps, she growled at them. It must have been the first time because they were SURPRISED. A few of them decided she was kidding or maybe they had misunderstood her. She disabused them of those ideas a few seconds later when they tried again. This afternoon, when I let her out, she didn't come in the puppy room at all, didn't even look in here when she went passed the door. And the funny thing is, they all saw her but didn't say a word... they stopped and looked, then went back to playing. I can hardly wait to see if she wants in with them tonight!

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