Monday, October 10, 2011

A Brief Period of Hope

A lady called this morning to say her husband was working in a neighborhood about 10 miles from here and saw a dog that could possible be Cotton. So, everything else got put on hold while Di, Keogh and I went looking. I found the area... I'm not joking when I tell you a lot of places out here are hidden, even when a good number of people live there... and drove around. There were a lot of people working in their yards, sitting in the shade and even walking around. I passed out flyers and talked to most of them. Several folks told me they knew about the white dog in the area BUT it was large (described as a wolf-dog or husky-type) and had been there for several months. They though it probably lived in the neighborhood and simply got out of its yard from time to time. When I took the call, the distance was pretty far BUT she could have gotten there by crossing the major streets later at night. So I hoped. If only for a short time. Truthfully, though, I don't know if the high from adrenaline and hope is worth the fall back into despair afterwards.

At least I know people ARE aware that she is out there and they're looking out for her.

For anyone that is interested, this is this week's flyer, going out to all the vets, shelters, rescuers and groomers in the area:

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