Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Different Things

First, Cotton. No news. I spent the day sending out over 4 dozen copies of the flyer to vets and groomers, shelters, rescues, etc. And about that...
do not believe it if you hear you can call Office Depot, give them a file (via email or off a website), tell them what you want and a couple hours later go in and pick it up. I started with them early yesterday. First, you're on hold for 5-10 minutes and that's IF someone answers the phone before you run out of the number of unanswered rings allotted by your carrier. Then they take down your info and tell you they'll get right to it and call you back IF there are any problems. When they call you back several hours later, it's to tell you the flyers will be 3 pages. And when you say, "do you not have 'shrink to fit?'" they say "Oh, never thought of that. I'll get back to you in a few minutes." Several hours later, when you call them, they say if they shrink to fit the pictures will be the size of postage stamps... which seems strange since it really looks like it will fit nicely on one regular sheet of paper. So you rework the flyer, remove about half the photos, call them back again and go back to wait mode. Hours later, you remember you haven't heard back, so you phone in once more only to be told they can't remember the website address.... SOOO, just before closing, Icalled and asked for the copy/print center manager (Josh) and discussed the situation with him. He's been just so awfully busy all day he doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about but will get to it "some time tomorrow."
I did not cuss him out. I simply told him no thanks. And in the morning I went to the library, ran off a one page color flyer (shrink to fit=80%) and a cover letter and took them to Office Depot. Where they charged me 59 cents a copy for the flyer and 10 cents each for the cover letter.

Now, here's how out of it I am lately... it never occurred to me that I paid the library 25 cents for an original of the flyer.

If I don't get Cotton back soon, I'm going to be completely bonkers!

Emy's pups
Will be 7 weeks old this weekend and I'm planning to move them out of the bedroom, into the tv/computer room. Em will stay with them most of the time for another week and then I'll put her with her mom and sister (Di and Peri) for most of the day.

The pups will be 8 weeks old NEXT weekend. That means the final payment is due for those who still have a balance. I'll email reminders the first part of the week.
If I don't forget.

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