Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I gave the pups two big balls... big for their size. And they have had a party with them ever since. Even though the balls feel very solid (except for the carpet-like fabric they are covered in,) the puppies have managed to play tug of war with them and even throw them short distances. They share nicely and there has been no fighting or even growling over who gets possession.

But there are only TWO balls...

So they now also have a knotted rope for tug of war AND, today, a new "sock" monkey with a tail and 4 legs to pull on. They have all just come to the front of the pen, closest to me, to take a nap and ALL 4 toys are in the same back corner. What good little kids!

Still no news of Cotton
I am making a concerted effort to NOT think about her. Every time I start going in that direction, I deliberately change the subject in my mind. Can't say that it has helped my mood or my depression, but at least I can have a normal conversation with people. As long as they don't bring it up.

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