Monday, October 17, 2011

Oddball Stuff

Peri is back on 4 legs, sort of. The sling is off and a new x-ray shows the femur head is deep in the socket just as it should be. (If she were a year and a week older, this would be an OFA x-ray.) She's still tentative about using it and probably will be for a couple days but, since she's still on restricted exercise, that's fine. Bill (my other vet... Jane's hubby) said she gets the award for best dog EVER to handle a sling. She weighs just 16-1/2 pounds so she'll probably do just fine for my goal of getting some 20 pounders (with Sparky who is also under 20 pounds.)

Emy weighs 30 pounds and actually looks chunky. She went in for a rabies shot which was overdue because of the pups.

Ost and Wombat
My young 'doodles who went to live in Florida are looking for another home, together or separately. Their new mom's family is expanding but their living quarters are not. Ost has sired two beautiful litters and Wombat has had one good sized litter which she did fine with. These dogs are used to people of all ages, dogs of all sizes and have been around horses. If you are interested in either, email me and I'll put you in touch.

My Chinese Crested puppy has just turned a year.

Here he is with a Boxerdoodle rescue sneaking into the shot.

And one more, this time with Popcorn, a PomPoo rescue who is his best MALE bud.

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