Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Little Ladies are Leading

Yep, the girls may be smaller but they are bolder and more demanding of attention. AND they see more of what is going on around them than the boys in Emy's litter. Usually, there is little difference between the genders, whether it is size or "personality." Apparently, this litter did not consult with anyone before they arrived. So far, the pup who is the first to do EVERYTHING is the mostly white parti. She is also the one who pounces on me as soon as I enter her area or, as of today, the one who tried to climb into my lap as soon as I opened the gate and let the pups choose to leave the pen or not. (The boys all stayed IN the pen, suspiciously close to out, but still inside, while led by Mostly White, the girls wandered out and even into the next room.) A little while ago, I came in from Petsmart with a couple new toys and tossed them in the pen with 7 sleeping puppies. In a flash, Mostly White was up and checking them out. Fifty/fifty was right behind her. And by the time any of the boys woke up, all three toys had been claimed by the three girls.

To be fair, one of the boys IS the first at something... the black with least white guy discovered "swimming in the waterbowl" a couple days ago. Now, I no longer fill it up because it gets splashed out right away. The black-and-tan guy and the other black "dig" in the water, splashing it on their chests and bellies. Thankfully the girls and their blond brother have no use for that kind of shenanigan. At least not yet.

Maggie and Cisco pix
Here are pictures of Maggie and Cisco as 9 weeks old puppies. They were beautiful from the git-go. I'm betting THEIR pups will be too!

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