Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Progress

THIS gorgeous guy is Tucker, an older brother to Emy's pups. Isn't this a great shot!

As I'm sitting here, answering email (LOTS of email!) the pups are ALL out of the pen and roaming around. Several, including Mostly White, are completely out of my sight, in another room. Actually, I know exactly where they are because several dogs are barking at them! The first time they stuck their noses in that room and Lucky (remember Lucky?) alerted to them, they all bolted back to me. They are over that and are ignoring him... or barking back. In THIS room, several of them are trying to destroy my straw broom, always a favorite with pups, and my shoelaces have been untied (and almost chewed through) practically since I opened the gate. A word of warning: shoelaces, no matter in whose shoes, are fair game to any puppy, and they don't care if the shoes are being worn or tucked away under the bed. Another word of warning, even at this time of year, puppy nails scratch right through bare skin. Be sure to wear long legged pants and shirts with long sleeves!

Since the weather is supposed to be nice and warm for the next couple days, I'm going to try getting the kids outside. They adjusted quickly... within 24 hours... to being allowed to roam on their own away from their "safe place," so I think another adventure will be good for their mental development. The biggest problem is once pups learn about "outside," they tend to WANT "outside." And this weekend is supposed to be rain with HIGHS in the 30s. Believe me, I'd rather listen to their disappointed noise than take them out in THAT!

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