Saturday, October 1, 2011


Larry's daughter called about a half hour ago and said Peri kept coming into the house but would bolt back outside before she could close the door. So I grabbed Diamond (Peri's mom) and went over there. And Peri was IN the house, the door shut so she couldn't get out. I walked in and she was peering around the corner at me... or rather, at Diamond. She stood there just a second and when I said "Come on, Peri, let's go home" she ran to us. To BOTH of us. She couldn't decide which one of us she wanted the most. She whined all the way home in the car. And now she is in the room with her mom and Keogh and her 2 pups, playing with the pups. Thank you all for being there with me. If she could only tell me where Cotton is!

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