Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Puppy News Plus

First, nothing on Cotton.

Second, Peri did fine with her "reduction" on Monday and I brought her home... again... yesterday afternoon. Poor girl is going to have to live with the burrs for 2 weeks while her leg is bound up. And I MEAN "bound." It is all scrunched up into one big ball (sort of) so there is no way she can put any weight on it. She's hopping around just fine on 3 legs but has to live in a crate so none of the other dogs knocks her over and injures the other leg. Right now, she's out, lying by my feet while everyone else is either outside or locked up elsewhere.

Third, the puppy news
No, NOT about the current pups but about another litter. I am leasing a Wheaten girl from a friend of mine. She was bred on Sept. 6th to her gorgeous apricot standard Poodle. Pups due mid- November. A family situation came up after the breeding which makes having pups right now a bad idea, so this works out for both of us. I would welcome either of these dogs in my own breeding program and have NO qualms about the pups. Will post parental photos and other info on the website in a day or two.

And, current puppies
If you use the url I sent... you'll get ALL the puppy pictures that were used in picking. Each pup has it's only page. Just click the link.

Lastly, the dog in the barn
This is the very beautiful stray dog who is not Cotton. He/She is a youngster, smaller than Cotton and to me, looking nothing like her. But apparently it looks like her to everyone else. The lady who called me about it was SURE it was my dog even though the timing was all wrong and the distance too far. I went to look simply because I just CAN'T take any chances and took several pictures. Just like Cotton, it is scared to death and runs when it sees a person. It ran when I opened the car door and let Diamond out. The lady who called me is taking it food and water every day and is planning to get a humane trap from the shelter... I pray someone is doing the same for Cotton. I put the photos on craigslist and got a phone call and several emails telling me there was an ad on craigslist that showed MY dog was found in a barn.... Cotton's pups are due the 12th to the 15th. It is getting harder and harder to see a happy ending.

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