Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Trip Home

Betsey in Ohio (new mom of Finn, the blond boy) got the jump on all of you by asking about the trip home in the car. The first question was about sending a blanket, etc to put in with the pups to get the litter smell on it and the second had to do with how the pup should ride in the car. To save time, since you're ALL going to ask the same question, I'm cutting and pasting my answer:

I've heard the story about blankets, towels, tshirts, etc too... in MY opinion, it doesn't work. MAYBE with a 6-8 weeks old pup, but an older one isn't going to be fooled. EXERCISE to the point of exhaustion works. (Whether it's you or the pup, doesn't matter!)

As for the trip home, personally, I wouldn't bother with a crate, plastic or otherwise. I'd cover the seat(s) with a blanket and bring towels and let Finn ride on a lap or the seat. It's a good bonding time, reassuring for the pup. He will NOT know how to walk on a lead. You might want to pick up a harness for him, rather than try to take him out with a collar, but I don't know what size to tell you... small PROBABLY but they're all different, so maybe get a small and the next size. You can take one back if it doesn't fit... or if the small fits, you may want to keep the other for him to grow into.

SOME of the pups will probably get carsick, some will not. There's no way to tell ahead of time.

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