Sunday, November 20, 2011

Two Days, Four Gone

Only three puppies left at home. One left Saturday, three today... and one is going tomorrow, another on Tuesday and the last a week from Wednesday. All are being (or already have been) picked up except Wednesday's child. Which is very unusual. Normally only one or two pups get picked up and the rest are shipped. This morning, when I came back after sending puppy number two on its way, puppy number three wouldn't come to me. Same thing a couple hours later when I went to get puppy number four... had to chase her down! These kids are SHARP! Just about everyone said "Oh, he/she's so calm and quiet!" To which I replied "He/she's on good behavior." Actually, he/she was in a state of shock because some strange two-legged beast was holding it! And half the picker-uppers brought children with them... the first time those pups had seen kids. Poor babies... the pups, not the kids... it's going to be a trying time for the next few days. All these new things to adjust to.

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