Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This and That

Maggie and the 5 day old pups
This smart gal has already figured out it is easier to feed PART of the litter than all 10 at once. She has them in groups which will work for a week or so, until the pups start moving around the nest on their own. Everyone has settled in nicely.

Emy's pups
Are just hanging out with me. I've started giving them one bowl of adult food every day which they attack like they're starving, even when there is still some puppy food in the bowl. Of course, when I fill the bowl with puppy food, they act the same way. I think they like the adult food because of the much larger size kibble. It gives their jaws some exercise. Since the other day when I let Em outside with them, she doesn't seem to want to join them any more. Still too many climbing on her at once, I guess. Two will be staying until after Thanksgiving. I'm betting her attitude will change then.

Daylight Savings
I am so glad THAT's over! My body was ready for the change a couple weeks ago. Even the dogs were ready... they were sleeping later and later every day. Which is great for me in the morning but really tied me down until early afternoon because the work takes the same amount of time regardless of when I start. I wish we'd cut this changing business out. During daylight savings, I would rather be on regular time... sundown at 10 PM doesn't do a thing for me... and when on regular time, I'd like to stay on it, so leaving things alone would be my first choice.

Winter's coming
And I've done exactly nothing to get ready. The dogs are in the same fix. Usually they start eating a lot more and growing a heavier coat. Not this year. I'm actually using a little LESS dogfood every week and the dogs are about a month behind needing to be clipped again. I judge how severe the winter is going to be by what my critters do and they're telling me it's going to be fairly mild. Problem is, the wooly worms don't agree. They are predicting a colder than normal winter. Not a lot of snow. Guess we'll see exactly WHO is the better forecaster! (I'm rooting for the dogs.)

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