Friday, November 4, 2011

Big Litter!

The total is TEN! Four females, six males. Two of each gender are wheaten and the rest are "black" or "gonna be wheaten!" Maggie is doing a great job with them BUT as a lot of first time mamas are, she is somewhat over protective. She doesn't want you to even LOOK at the pups. It will take her a couple days to settle down and realize everything is okay. Until then, everyone in the house is "ignoring" them. Pictures coming ASAP.

Signature waivers
A word to the wise: a number of people will be sending in their initial deposits and the thing is - time is of the essence - because there are just so many puppies available and it's first come/first served (for families already approved.) IF signature is not waived, the envelope will not be in my post office box. I will have to pick it up at the counter and since I can't stand in line, who knows when things will be calm enough there for me to just walk in and get it. Starting with the NEXT litter, I'll be doing business with a "mailboxes r us" location and signatures will not be an issue.

Shots and microchipping
Several people have asked why those two things are not mentioned in the contract. As I told one person, shots (and wormings) are as basic to raising puppies as feeding them dog food once they are weaned. I cannot imagine a breeder not giving at least one shot (if the pup is leaving at 8 weeks) and two (if the pup leaves at 12.) AND if the puppy stays with the breeder to 16 weeks, the third and last, should be given. (Pups who are at least 12 weeks when they are shipped MUST have a rabies shot but that is part of the shipping fee.) And microchipping is more a benefit to ME... although it is a nice savings for the new families considering what vets charge... as I use it as a means of telling one pup from another when there are a bunch that look alike... such as 6 "blacks" at a time!

The pups go home with a "shot record" detailing what and when it was given, including wormings. Additionally, NOTHING leaves me until it has had a departure exam by my vet. She has a form she fills out and a copy will be with the shot record. (If a pup is flying, there is also a state health certificate. And again, the additional cost is part of the shipping fee.) The microchip number is on ALL paperwork and a pamphlet/registration form for the chip is provided.

Emy and pups
Miss Em took most of the week off from the pups. She's been in their room once or twice to bump noses with them, but has stayed less than a minute or two. They don't seem to mind and don't get excited when she just turns away and leaves. IF the weather clears up for the weekend... it's rained for about 24 hours again... I'm going to let her out in the yard with them. It's always fun to watch her... or any mom... playing with the kids. Moms ALWAYS have favorites and don't make any bones about showing which they are. And Peri has been wanting to play with them as well. Her best bud is Crockett (who weighs about the same as the pups) so the babies should be good and tired every evening.

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