Monday, November 28, 2011

Not Much New

Penny has a stomach virus (she thinks) and didn't get new photos this weekend. If she feels better tomorrow, we'll get some then. Or the next day.

The weather here is on the verge of a dramatic change... guess what. It's about to become Winter. We're expecting heavy rain tonight with dropping temperatures and snow starting to accumulate tomorrow afternoon. Ordinarily, no problem. However, Sheana is supposed to move to California Wednesday morning. So that's up in the air, no pun intended. She has LOVED being the only pup in residence. Over the weekend she discovered tv... but doesn't seem to be overly impressed as she only watches for a moment or two at a time. She likes bright colors on the screen... and some idiot started a rumor years ago that dogs don't see color.

Chompers is still missing in PA. His home is 3 hours away from where he is lost. I feel so bad for him... and his family. I've been sad ever since they called. I'm praying this is a happier ending than Cotton has had... so far.

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