Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We're About to Get Winter

This is Duncan who lives in NJ and just turned a year old.
Duncan is a black-and-tan Di/Brogue puppy who used to be very VERY dark. He is on the small side, like his sister, Peri. He is 17 pounds; she is 16. (I know of only one other of my pups who matured under 20 pounds.) Duncan's people, Kate and Tim, report he had a great time playing in the Halloween snow dumped all over their area last week while THEY were on their honeymoon.

The weather here
Dark and gloomy, rain on the way and a big drop in temperature expected. This is NOT going to make Emy's puppies happy. They LOVE their outdoor time every afternoon and I am not sending 7 furballs out to get soaked. Not to mention muddy! Poor babies will have to make due with teasing the big dogs and listening to me tell them to knock it off.

Maggie/Cisco pups
All the female pups are spoken for but there ARE a couple males available. Pass it on!

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