Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All Gone But Sheana

The sixth of the pups left this morning, leaving Ms Sheana as the only baby still in the nest. And it doesn't seem to be bothering her a bit. She's been running around the house, teasing the adult dogs, none of whom has tried to eat her YET. I considered letting her stay loose in the house, coming into the bedroom with me at night, but decided that might be a bad idea for when she goes to her new home, so her mom and Grandma Di have moved into the puppy pen to be her roomie for the next week. Just weighed Sheana this morning and she's right at 9 pounds.

And in their new homes
Scout Johann with his new buds in Indiana

Finn Nelson on the long drive to Ohio
and bonding once the trip is over

So far, the vet visits have gone well. Just in case your vet asks and you don't remember me saying before, I give the puppy shots and do the microchipping myself. And the dosage for Albon is 1.25 cc per 5 pounds (3 cc, or a full syringe for 12 pounds.) Oh, and if you are walking the pup with a COLLAR and lead, be sure the collar fits VERY snugly at first... pups tend to slide right out of their collars VERY quickly. It needs to be tight enough that it CANNOT come over the ears. I suggest not leaving a collar on inside the house, especially if there are tags hanging off it, because they can get caught in the weirdest places and pups WILL choke themselves to death.

And on that note, ta ta.

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