Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cisco's Kids New Pix

The smallest pup in the litter... consistently so far... is the darker blond guy. (He's the sleepiest one too judging by this photo!) Granted, he's being held a little further away from the camera which diminishes his size even more, but he is a little boy. He is NOT a runt as he is well formed and proportionate. And interestingly enough, the darker blond girl is the second smallest pup.

New pix of all 10 are on the website. They'll be 4 weeks tomorrow and are showing some interest in dog food. They also are getting more freedom in the house than my very young babies usually do. Someone ALWAYS has the pen open and the pups are wandering... staggering... around the kitchen. At round up time, several are always curled up close to the wood burning stove. Nothing dumb about these pups!

There will be no 4 weeks weights because the only scale is a human one and it just isn't accurate with small poundage.

Oh, one more thing... the black pups are staying VERY VERY SHINY BLACK. In the new photos, there is no other color showing up on legs or ears. Perhaps, against ALL odds, this breeding will produce black Whoodles that STAY black. Way to go Cisco and Maggie!

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