Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Couple Things

Ms Sheana left this morning for her new home in California. Over the last two weeks, this little girl and I got close, something I try not to do when I'm not keeping a pup. But when I get down to just one... well, it's not easy to stay aloof! She was really brave at the airport. I did something with her I've never done before... I put her down on the ground and let her walk around. She never got more than 3 feet from me, but she explored in all directions. She was interested in the people standing in line and walking passed us, although the ones dragging suitcases on wheels were a little scary for her. I was really proud of her. Before I had to put her in the crate, she actually walked up to a lady who came up to the counter next to us. And she did the 12 hours in the crate with just a little protest. I don't think I mentioned before that the pups all learned to howl so they could take part in the daily sings around here. The only problem was... are you ready for this... she was put on an earlier than scheduled connecting flight out of Atlanta and the dummies in San Francisco didn't bother to read the airbill. So they didn't call her people to tell them she was there 3 hours before expected. Luckily, Francene called the airport to check on the scheduled flight and found out she was already there. So now Emy's pups are all gone.

Which brings me to Diamond
who is in standing heat and as of right now this minute has been bred twice by Boon. For a young, inexperienced stud, he does very well at maintaining his cool. Two days ago, Diamond had a headache and attacked him every time he even looked in her direction. However, the hormones have a way of changing a young lady's attitude toward a little lovin'. Since she is now receptive, I'll keep putting them together every evening until she tells me (and Boon) she's over it. So, if she "settles," the pups will be due at the very end of January... the same week Maggie's pups will be ready to go. Gonna be busy. Again.

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