Saturday, December 31, 2011

Moving Right Along

So far, 5 pups have been chosen and the 6th family is working on it.

The pups and I have worked out a plan for mornings... every night, just before I turn out the lights, I FILL up their food and water bowls and every morning they contain themselves until one of the big dogs sounds off. Even if I don't get up right away, the babies play quietly (for them) until I do. No more of that demanding squealing. Lucky for THEM!

They have not yet figured out that putting ALL the poop in one area of their pen means they have the rest of it to romp in without getting, well, poopy. I have to keep reminding myself they're JUST 8 weeks old.

A word of warning...
they LOVE electrical cords and ANYTHING on shelves or under things. I have to monitor them 100% when they are out of their pen. On the plus side, they've found a couple items I thought were lost.... But you might start now, puppy-proofing your homes.

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