Sunday, December 18, 2011

Individual Puppy Pix

As promised, there are individual pictures on the website (click the link there.) The pups are identified by the stuffed animal in the photo. These 3 are "Reindeer," "Pony" and "Brown and tan dog." Each pup's weight is by its pix. They range from 3-1/2 to just over 5 pounds.

And they have lived here all their lives. They are perfectly comfortable... although some still jump a bit when a herd of adults rush into the puppy room unexpectedly. I'd jump too!

They got up WAY too early for ME this morning. Kenny leaves for work around 6:30 each morning so that's what they're used to. My nose is out of joint if one of MY dogs wakes up before 9! They'll get it pretty soon 'cause they're smarties.

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