Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Doing Great

The gang is doing so well it is almost scary! Mornings are still a little trying for them... and me... but judging by their insistence this AM, it is more their wanting to bend me to their will than anything else. They were really obnoxiously loud and DEMANDING around 7. And I was equally obnoxiously ABSENT from their room! When I stuck my head in at 9, they were all smiles.

They are eating me out of house and home. All of them LOVE the Royal Canin. It is a very good (ie: high priced) puppy food. I started using it a number of years ago because it is so digestible it makes for good stools and FEWER of them than cheaper puppy chows do. It is not such a big deal with just one or two pups, but NINE make a lot of mess several times a day! And I'll never be able to figure out what it is about puppies and clean newspaper. First off, when I change the paper in the pen, it is like challenging them to see how quickly they can dirty it up. Then, if I'm "flying" a section in to cover a pile or two in an otherwise spotless pen, they all watch and attack the paper while it is still in the air! Just judging by that, this entire bunch is going to excel at frisbee!

Final payments due
I've just emailed a reminder that the pups are going to be 8 weeks on the 29th... which is when the final payment is due. Let me know if you don't remember how much that is.

I could be wrong, but Di seems to be getting a little belly on her. She is just 3 weeks "along" and maybe I just noticed after she'd eaten, but it is a good sign!

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