Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Peri's in the Dog House

Perhaps I have been a little too lenient with Ms Peri since she's gotten home, but those days are over. She has forgotten any boundaries she once had. I cannot put ANYTHING on top of the dresser next to my bed... it's all fair game for her. Long ago, I learned to pick up and stash anything I didn't want a pup putting teeth to. My house shoes ALWAYS go on top of the dresser when they're not on my feet. Peri has eaten them. My old dollar-store alarm clock gave up the ghost (after about 6-7 years... not bad for two bucks!) and I bought a new one... which set me back FIVE. It lasted one, count them, ONE day on the dresser. I have a small open bookcase on the other side of the room where I store myriad paperback books after I finish reading them. Now these are not books that I am adding to my permanent collection (like anything by Dick Francis,) but ones I'll eventually box up and truck over to the library. Peri started removing... and chewing on... all those she could easily get to on the bottom shelves. SO I threw out the ones that were too bad and removed to safety the ones she had just tossed around. As I always say, the trick to living with a dog is to be smarter than IT is. In this case, Peri has it all over me... I left the books on the higher shelves, perhaps forgetting that standing on her back legs was something she learned in the nest, and as soon as she was alone in the room, the rest of the books met the same fate as the previous ones. And last night, Peri was lying next to me on the bed while I was watching tv and reading the newspaper. She calmly reached over and started chewing on the paper IN MY HANDS! Well, the final straw happened this morning. It's raining, hard enough for all the dogs to sleep in. Which meant I slept in. At 11:45, the phone rang, waking me from a really pleasant dream which I can't remember clearly now... I think George Clooney was asking me a personal question (but he might have just needed to know the time)... anyway, I woke up, answered the phone and then rushed to start letting (forcing) dogs outside for a potty break. A few minutes later, I went back to the bedroom... and Peri had chewed up the phone! So she has now moved in with her mom, Di, and sister, Emy. Case closed!

TV story
On one of those faux news programs, I just saw a story that isn't so faux. It was about people stealing litters of puppies from breeders' homes. I personally know people that has happened to. It's on the list of why I allow no visitation. Case closed on that, too.

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