Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Tucker wishes everyone a happy new year...
or he would if he had ANY clue what it meant!

Back to BRRRR!
It is finally winter. Our high yesterday was 34 and that was shortly after midnight. We had snow "showers" off and on all day. The dogs LOVED it! Last night's low was 14. But at 1 PM it's already warmed up to... 23! Even the puppies are sleeping in a clump on top of their blanket. Usually, they sprawl all over the pen and the blanket is more often used for tug-of-war than a cushion. I'm glad I didn't get everyone clipped short last month, although the ones who are clipped seem to be just fine. Toward the end of the week, the daytime temperature is supposed to get back up to the low 50s. We'll see about that!

Things are going smoothly... waiting for the last family to choose. Several other people are interested in seeing who's "left" so they can decide between one of the Maggie/Cisco pups or getting on the reservation list for Di/Boon (which is not open yet.)

Chomper update
The news is not good. Chomper is the dog lost in PA since Thanksgiving. His family hired a pet detective from Hephzibah GA (where I lived for 10+ years.) The man spent two days in the area right after Christmas with his dogs who are trained to find any indication of a dog hiding in barns, sheds, outdoors, etc (even if they are dead.) There was NO sign of Chomper even though over the last month he had been seen a number of times in the same area. The guy spent a lot of time visiting businesses and homes in the area making sure everyone knew what Chomper looks like and that he is not a throw away. The detective's conclusion is someone has him and isn't willing to give him up. Chomper's "mom" said she got a really strange phone all from a local man which she reported to the local shelters "just in case." As with me, she says it's the not knowing that is the hardest to take.

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