Friday, January 6, 2012

The Case of

the missing microchip...
one of the pups has misplaced his microchip! I've scanned all over his body and it is nowhere. This is no big deal as I'll just give him another one, but it is perplexing. Where did the thing go? And how did it go there? It's been several weeks since the pups were microchipped. MOST likely, it wasn't under the skin where I was supposed to have placed it... maybe it was stuck in his coat and has just been brushed off during play. BUT chips are about the size of a grain of rice. I should have been able to see it in his hair. Guess it's time to look into those bifocal thingies!

These pups are REALLY having a growth spurt. To me, they look like they've increased about 50% in size in the last week! I'm going to weigh a couple this afternoon to see if that is true. Based on how much food they are now consuming, I'm going to be really surprised if they haven't gained a lot.

But, if you remember, I posted a while back that the adults haven't been eating a lot in preparation for winter. THAT has changed! Guess they knew when they were going to need extra body fat for warmth, which is later in the season. The last couple weeks, they've almost doubled the amount they eating. Guess the weather is about to get really cold, and soon. By the way, the wooly worm's prediction was totally off for the first week, partially right for the second and third (still no snow.) So, I think the dogs have been a little more right about the weather this year SO FAR.

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