Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New "Treat"

The pups have discovered adult kibble. The way I have things set up... mainly because of the weather... all the adult dog are in the house and penned when the pups are loose in the tv room and the "dog room" (which originally was the living room.) So, the puppies have not been able to get into any food bowls but their own. The other day, I gave them a half scoop of adult food (Pedigree) and they acted like it was manna from heaven! The kibble is A LOT bigger so it took them a while to eat it all and when it was gone, they inspected the entire pen making sure they hadn't missed any. So every day now, the pups get to eat at the big dog table. In the afternoon, they get a bowl full. Which really isn't much when you consider how many bowls of the puppy kibble they get all day long. It's gotten so the pups all hang out at the edge of their pen every afternoon, eyeballing me hungrily, until I go get the "good stuff" for them!

And I've got a "treat" myself
Someone who owes me a couple pups has been trying to get me to take a parti-colored puppy from her last litter. If she had offered me the pup when it was young, I probably would have taken it for resale. But, she is almost 10 months old and has not been kept as a pet which makes it difficult to place her as one. She's small... not quite 25 pounds... but very leggy... a good 18 inches... and she is pretty. She's also sweet, if a little backwards about people. She is having a ball playing with the boys and is non-stop when out in the yard. Her main drawback, other than I don't need another dog around here, is that she is very vocal, inside and out. (Unfortunately, dogs that are kenneled separately from each other tend to use barking as a form of play.) Still haven't decided what to do with her, but remembering the give-away thoroughbred who won a million dollars in one of the Breeders Cup races this Fall, I've named her Amazombie and am calling her Zombie. Naming a dog is always a bad sign.

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