Monday, January 30, 2012

Weights, Pix in New Homes

First four out the door and the families I've heard from say they are settling in nicely.

This is Millie (pink unicorn) who weighed in at 14 pounds

And this is Lulu (teddy bear) who was 14.2 pounds

Amos (Brown/tan dog) who moved to Indiana was 16
while Gray unicorn was 17.1 when he left for NC.

The last of the girls, Dino, who is leaving on Saturday, weighs 16.6
while the other Saturday departee, Brown/white dog, is a solid 18 pounds.
Pony, moving out on Sunday, is 17.25.
Reindeer is hoping he'll find a home soon, before he gets much bigger than his current 17.75.
The last boy, Black/white dog, is the largest in the litter at 18.5 pounds.

These weights are HUGE increases from the 6 weeks weights of 3.25 to 5 pounds. Because of how quickly the pups are growing, my vet and I have decided they need to be weaned off their super hot puppy food and put on JUST adult food which is much lower in protein and fat. Too rapid early growth leads to hip problems and other structural maladies like elongated tendons.
Also, FREE feeding is what the pups need. This means giving them access to food and water 24/7. They will NOT overeat and as long as they aren't getting a lot of "treats," will maintain their perfect natural weight. Puppies eat a little at a time but often. As they mature, you'll see them eating less often but more. Eventually, each will set his own schedule and eat at the same time(s) every day.

And re: shots. I give them. I use the same types and brands my vet does and my shot protocol is set as she advises. Just in case YOUR vet wants to know.

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