Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Improvement

I'm seeing good changes in the house training process. The first part consists of waiting for puppies to become aware of their own poop. Left to their own devices, time after time, I see litters go from making deposits anywhere they have to go to everyone in the litter using one area as the "bank." At 9-1/2 weeks, this bunch is leaving clean 2 foot borders at the back and the front of their pen and about half the part in the middle. This gives them a really nice amount of space for rock and rolling. However, they are not as into keeping the newspaper DRY as they are in keeping it clean. Wet spots appear, as if by magic, everywhere.

This litter has an interesting variety in coats... most are getting long and fluffy But a couple are still flat. They are probably going to be straighter. Maggie's coat is fairly straight. AND light spots are showing up across shoulders, ribs, hips, etc. When I brush the hair backwards, it is much lighter underneath than on top. I'm going to TRY getting a photo that shows this, but you all know my photography skills are minimal!

Everyone has scheduled a day for either pick up or shipping, so that is under control. I made the vet appointments LAST week... and wasn't the first one booking for the end of the month. By the way, the appointments YOU are making with your vet is for well puppy exams. The pups will get their second shot on 1/26 and their last shot is due 4 weeks later, 2/23. Some vets will give a rabies then as well but some will want to wait until the pup is close to 6 months.

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