Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Down to the Nitty Gritty

I moved the pups into a larger pen this weekend. Once the two Doodle rescues left, there was a really big one available and the pups seem to be enjoying it. They were pretty crabby Sunday afternoon and woke up whiny a couple times that night, but it's home now. They adjust fast. The one problem is the water bowl. They've discovered it. That is, they've discovered the water splashes. So now they always have dirty water... if there is anything left in the bowl... and wet floors. (Which just matches what the big dogs are dealing with outdoors. We've had enough rain to get us into March with some left over. My "road" is patches of dirt and gravel between ruts, speed limit... even for the teens living up the hill... is 3-4 mph.)

I'll post weights Thursday and Friday as the first 4 pups go to the vet. I expect they're going to be pretty big!

Probably no pups from Diamond
I'll know for sure Thursday, but it looks like Diamond is skipping this breeding cycle. Bummer.

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