Saturday, January 28, 2012


Let's start with Thursday. Lots and lots of running around to do BETWEEN appointments so it was the perfect time for my car to get sick. It started overheating. Luckily, I was just about 1-1/2 miles from home when I noticed it. As soon as I pulled in my driveway, I popped the hood and took a look... as if I knew something besides how to get the hood up. Then I went in the house and called Enterprise, then Hertz and then every other local car rental service in the phone book, including two that were out of business. Those that were still servicing the area had no (as in zero, zilch, nada) cars available. Enterprise ("we pick you up" except for our airport location) said they MIGHT have something after 4 on Saturday. Which would help me not at all. So I bothered my son. He was sitting (I think sleeping) around at home because the new club he is trying to get open in Johnson City is on hold for the fire marshall who, apparently, doesn't work Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays before being off weekends, so he called his mechanic... after telling me it was impossible that no one had a rental car available... and they showed up here about a half hour later. Since I had just an hour before I had to pick up a pup at the groomer and take her and another puppy to the vet, my kid said he'd chauffeur me while the car-fix-it guy got started on a cure. He also said he'd be available for the airport run Friday morning as well as the trips to the groomer and vet that afternoon AND could get me around on Saturday if necessary. I took that as an apology for doubting my word about rentals being non existent around here. (Probably because of the national cage brawl competition....)
We were all saved by the mechanic who filled the car with water where it needed it and told me to get it checked out ASAP because there was probably a leak and to check it before, during and after every time I drove it until then. (Today, there was no apparent leak in that system but a lot of other problems that needed fixing.)

So, first puppy got to the airport and the other 3 are on their way home with their new families and I'm seriously thinking about staying in bed until Monday. As if.

No puppies. Just not my week! So, as soon as ANYONE comes into season, I have to take Boon in for a sperm count. It is not likely HIS problem, except perhaps temporarily two months ago. Di is almost 8 years old and may just have needed some extra time off. But we'll see.

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