Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rain Rain Rain

Yeah, I know, at least it's not snow! But I am so tired of wet... SOAKING wet dogs... I'm ready to move to the Sahara. Well, if it wasn't so hot there, I'd be ready to move!

I've starting letting the pups out on the deck now that I have just 5 to keep track of. Usually, pups immediately start hanging out there as soon as they discover there is another world just through the mysteriously appearing/disappearing hole in the wall. And within a day or two, a few of them are learning to go up and down the steps. This gang, however, isn't really impressed with outside. In fact, they wander out and then just come right back in. I tried to get photos out there yesterday and it was a bust. After almost an hour of standing on the steps all alone by myself, I went back inside and shut the door. The pups didn't even seem to notice! This is a strange group!

Here are a couple other color change shots
Once again, the pup (Diamond/Brogue's Duncan Mills) was BORN black-and-tan (which is a color pattern) rather than all black like the Maggie/Cisco pups were. You can see the brown (tan) on his legs in the newborn photo. He is 15 months in the next shot. I can hardly wait until Cisco's kids are grown up to see what color(s) they end up!

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