Saturday, February 4, 2012

And Then There were Two

Two more pups left today and another is going in the morning. Things are looking a little... unoccupied... around here!

The three pups were so cute at the vet's on Thursday... they were, of course, a little amazed at all the people. They'd forgotten Penny and her family and were pretty much convinced I was the only human in the world. Because of their size, I allowed them down on the floor in the exam room while we waited for Jane. (Actually, the three of them together took up all the exam table plus some, so the floor was the only option.) They roamed around and kept looking at the closed door to the waiting room because there was a lot of unusual (for them) sounds out there. So I opened the door. All 3 of them sat, side by side, about a foot inside our room and watched everything going on out there. None made any attempt to go out, even when people came up to the door to talk to them and try to coax them over for a pet. (But, none of them ran in the other direction either!) Then a lady walked passed, leading two little dogs... and all 3 pups went right out after them. They were so determined to meet the newbies, I had to close the exam room door. Jane showed up about two minutes later which got their attention on other things.

As part of the departure exam, Jane weighs the pup and there were some differences in what she got and what I got a few days earlier. Dino went up from 16.6 to 17.8 while Pony went from 17.75 to 18.5. Brown/white dog went from 18 to 18.4. Now here's the thing... Dino and Pony were weighed on the vet's big dog scale but Brown/white dog was weighed on her baby scale which is what I use at home. I don't know which is more accurate, but I do know which is easier!

Learn something new every day Department
When I do a post, there is a block called "labels for this post." I though it was a tag for the "blog search" function. Wrong! I'm not really sure WHAT it is for, but search ain't it! I've been telling people to put ciscoskids in the search bar to pull up all the posts relating to the Maggie and Cisco litter. That gets you nowhere and now I feel like the village idiot. However, if you put Maggie in the search bar, it WILL pull up any post with that word in it. Same for Cisco. So now I know and in the future I will use some kind of id consistently for each litter.

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