Monday, February 20, 2012

I Changed My Mind

If you checked out the website this weekend and looked at it again in the last few minutes, you see I added a planned breeding but have already changed it. With Diamond taking a self imposed break, I've had to rearrange the breeding "schedule" and Emy and Peri are probably going to come in season at the same time or very close to each other. Originally, I thought I'd breed both to Sparky. However, after thinking about it for a day or two, I decided if I'm going to have two litters around the same time, I'd like them to be as different as possible in the looks department! And if one has smaller pups over all than the other, that will help too. So I'm going to repeat last year's Emy/Boon litter. That's my reasoning. Now watch... ALL the pups will be blond and about the same size!

A couple new pictures of Montana
Playing "fetch" at the dog park. Please note that this particular "park" is on top of a high rise! Now, that thought had never occurred to me. And if a building owner was smart (!) the roof would have grass and trees (if only in pots) and actually look like a park.
Then, after wearing herself (and Marna) out, ONE of them gets to relax.

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