Monday, February 13, 2012

All Alone (sort of)

The last two pups from Maggie and Cisco left on Sunday. Things are really quiet around here! Black/white dog weighed almost 22 pounds at the vet on Friday (14 weeks) while Reindeer was about a pound less. Both pups were completely UNimpressed with their visit although the black guy really liked the attention Jane FORCED on him. She said she preferred dogs who were more selective about friending every human that came along. The pups went from there straight to the groomer where Reindeer met something that scared the poop out of him... literally... several times. I had to take him home wet because just the sound of the blow dryer was overwhelming for him. This happens from time to time... sometimes with the vacuum too. Often the pup can be acclimated to the sound, sometimes not. The two pups are total opposites to each other and not just color-wise. Reindeer was always demanding my attention and ignoring MY demands that he play with someone else. I had to go after Black/white and pick him up to get him in my lap. He loves being rubbed all over but just was too insecure to ask for the attention.

Speaking of which, the adults here all slept until after 10 this morning. Well, maybe they weren't asleep, but they weren't noisy enough to get ME up. And they've been pretty quiet all day, even though the sun is shinning and the unseasonable cold is gone. (We've had exactly two temps all winter... unseasonably warm and unseasonably cold. Luckily, the cold has been far outnumbered by the warm!) The dogs have all plowed though the puppy pen, sniffing even inch of it and, I think, counting toys to make sure they're all still here.

A couple days of this and I'll be ready to go again.

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