Monday, February 6, 2012

Shipping Mysteries

Rather, ONE mystery... price.
Here's the deal, I shipped two pups, 9 days apart, same size crate, same weight pups, 2 different prices. And I called this afternoon to set up a shipment for a friend, again same size crate, same weight puppy and got a THIRD price. And each time the cost has gone UP. $25 from the first to the second and $30 from the second to the third. But the gentleman helping me this afternoon insisted there have been no price increases in MONTHS. He has no explanation for the differences and apologised several times, as if it was HIS fault.

Yesterday, the puppy almost missed his flight because Delta's cargo computer was... let's say being difficult. The guy checking me in worked on processing it for a half hour before calling the main cargo office and getting them involved. For another half hour. The plane had already boarded and the pup was still sitting at the counter! The agent called out to the gate and told them he had a live animal shipment and not to close up until he got it out there.

The puppy made the flight and the connection and arrived safe and sound on time.

The thing is, I go to the airport with ALL the paperwork ready and the crate all set up. It used to take no more than 10 minutes for me to check in. But it is taking longer and longer. And if there is someone else booked on the same flight, the way things are going, one of the dogs WON'T be going. There really is no excuse for this... lack... of service and consistency. But, then, when was the last time an airline NEEDED an excuse?

It is getting so I cannot accurately quote a shipping price. I may have to start charging for the crate, rabies shot and health certificate and then send the pup off COD.

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