Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Early yesterday morning, a vet about 30 miles from me called to say she had a client who thought she saw Cotton at the "local" animal shelter. I cannot tell you all the feelings that rushed through me at one time. Good and bad. It's been almost 5 months since Cotton and Peri got out of the yard. And there have been numerous sightings of Cotton, all of which proved to be other dogs. This is so hard. Just when I get to a point where I'm not dreaming about her, someone else "sees" her. I went to the shelter and the first thing I was told was to wash up carefully before and after my visit and to not touch anything because they had "a case" of parvo. Just what I need and one of the main reasons shelters are not places I visit often. I found the dog the vet's client had seen and of all the reported sightings, this one was the closest. It was a blond terrier mix, about the right size. But obviously (to me) not Cotton. Of course, I started crying, both for my lost girl and for the almost found one. I hope she gets a home.

And Chomper is still missing in Pennsylvania.

All Maggie's pups have homes
The last two boys are leaving this weekend and I will be puppyless for I don't know how long... over 2 months even if Peri comes into season TODAY! Which she shows no sign of doing. Right now she is acting as babysitter/playmate for the last two pups. They are BIGGER than she is by just a little and she is loving having young dogs around to play with.

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