Saturday, November 5, 2011

Play Day

I let the pups out HOURS ago and they are still going strong. Emy went out with them and played for maybe a half hour. Then she came inside and sat by my feet until I put her back with her buds. By that time, the pups had gotten over having access to her again and were playing all over the yard.

Most of the pups have figured out the stairs. I have to keep my eye on the blond girl because twice she's gone between the spindles and dropped about 3 feet to the ground. Why that is less scary than going down 4 inches from step to step, I don't know. And Finn managed to get between some fence panels that are stacked against the side of the house, into a mud hole left over from summer... only a puppy can get back there and with the rain, well he's given new meaning to "mudbath." Then there is Black Least White who found a Kong bone somewhere in the grass and managed to bring it all the way through the yard and up the stairs to show the other pups... who immediately took it away from him. The bone is probably about a pound in weight so that is some feat for a little guy! 50/50 likes to go up and down the stairs. She entices the others into chasing her and then zips up or down like she had legs longer than 6 inches. Those in pursuit ALWAYS stop before the first step and consider their next move before following her. Scout will often wait at the top because he's figured out she'll be back up in a few minutes and he can get her then. She still hasn't figured out that he's waiting.

Just took a brief break to corral everyone... they were starting to sprawl out all over the room and if they're ready to crash, I want them rounded up first. Now Black Most White is the only pup still awake. He's tearing around the pen, trying to get someone, anyone, to get up and play. They're having none of it!Once he settles down, peace should reign for at least a couple hours.

Most White has a name. She is Sheana. And she is still in charge.

Maggie/Cisco update
All is still going well. The smallest is an "already wheaten" girl while the rest are pretty uniform in size. However, Penny reports the little one is the one who always has a nipple in her mouth. A good sucking reflex is a smaller pup's best weapon!

One thing for everyone interested in getting a pup from this litter, picks will be made at 8 weeks in the order deposits are received. I will not promise anyone a specific pup at this time.

Oh, something else. Someone asked if Maggie's pups will get as much attention at Penny's as they would here. The truth is they'll get MORE. There are a number of people, puppy-loving people, at Penny's house and the boys are always having friends over. The pups get handled a lot... well, they will when Maggie says it's ok. There won't be as many photos, especially individual photos. For one thing, it is harder for me to tell who is who just from a picture so I won't be able to identify the pups individually. However, once they get here, I'll make up for lost time in that department.

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