Friday, November 18, 2011

More Good and Not So Good

ALL the boys... yes, all four of them... had their time with the vet yesterday. The good news is there are no signs in ANY of them of shedding coccidia... they are still getting the Albon and I'll still be sending some home with each of them. (More good news: pups like the taste.) The bad news is two of them got carsick... both going and coming. Bummer.

Now, weights:
Blond - 10.4 pounds (6.0)
Black-and-tan - 10.0 (5.7)
Black, most white - 11.6 (6.2)
Black, least white - 11.6 (6.85)

Once again, none of them was particularly impressed with there being more people than me in the world. This is going to be a hard adjustment for all the pups! The vet commented on how "dusty" the "blacks" are... except for Scout (the black-and-tan.) He is still really shiny black.

First grooming
The 50/50 girl spent half the day... all alone by herself with no back-up from me or her siblings... at the groomer. And she looks gorgeous! At least she did when I picked her up. And she smelled good too. She did fine and even relaxed enough to be sound asleep when I showed up to get her. I got the evil eye from her for a moment or two, but once in the car, she forgave me and snuggled up against my leg. She was doing so good, instead of taking her straight home, I did the rest of my running around which involved about 30 miles of travel. We stopped at the bank, the pharmacy and Pizza Hut and at all three places, the people at the drive-thru said "What a beautiful dog!"

When we got home, I almost let her and the rest outside for a while. They've been confined indoors for several days because of the weather. BUT I let Peri and a couple other adult dogs out first and they came in with wet, muddy feet, so the pups have had to make due with running around inside the house.

The blond girl and three of the boys are going to the groomer tomorrow. It would be nice if they all looked as good the next day!

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