Monday, November 14, 2011

The Countdown Begins

Emy's pups had a big day yesterday. They received their microchips. They were treated with Advantage (although I haven't seen any fleas for a month or so.) They got drops in their ears. (Dogs with ears that hang down have on going issues with yeast build up and other things inside the ear.) AND they had their nails clipped again. Amazingly, all of them are still speaking to me this morning.

They have become VERY independent. It doesn't matter what I want... they'll let me hunt them down and pick them up and they'll sit quietly while I do whatever I have to do, even if it's something besides rubbing their bellies, massaging their backs, etc. But if I call "Puppy, puppy!" they head for the hills. When it is time to corral them, I fill up the water bowl and s l o w l y pour the kibble into the food bowl... they all come running and bob's your uncle, I close the gate on them. They still haven't figured THAT one out yet.

With the exception of Scout and now Sheana, they handle going DOWN stairs like regular dogs. ALL of them come up in a flash. HOWEVER, when they get to YOUR homes, the stair situation may be a little different for them... most staircases will be darker and longer than here so the pups will have to get some help for a while.

Tomorrow, the first two pups to leave go to the vet for their departure exams. Thursday, the next three do the same. Friday, the first two go to the groomer and I also have my own doctor's appointment. Saturday, I have to figure out how to get the next three to the groomer between sending the first two home!

Folks, pay attention to your email. Last week I sent some info on health issues. Today, it was info on care. And tomorrow, for those of you picking up, I'll be sending directions.

Again, as always, ask ANY questions you have.

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