Tuesday, May 1, 2012

While They're Little

Everyone always says to enjoy the babies while they're little.
I'll drink to that!

It's HOT here again. In the mid 80s and going higher the next couple days. I am loathe to turn the ac on so early so I have every window in the house wide open and fans in every room, sometimes 2 to a room. The pups are a tad whiny and Emy doesn't like it. She sits outside the nest and whines back at them. If they get to the point of actual crying, I'll put them on a wet towel. Right now, they are spread all over the nest, not touching each other. Em doesn't like THAT either as it makes it difficult for her to find a spot to lie down in without squishing a pup. She's solved the problem by going into the nest, nosing this one and that one awake and when they move toward her, she steps over them and plunks herself down in the space they've just vacated. There's nothing like a mama dog who knows her stuff! (Today's pix is from earlier, when it was still cool.)

I've tried a couple times to get a picture of Peri... who is looking gorgeous! (That pregnancy bloom, you know.) But when I go out in the yard with her, she doesn't leave my side. I may have to resort to tying her to the fence long enough to get a decent shot!

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