Monday, May 7, 2012

Back to Emy's Pups

There is barely enough room for all nine to get in there at one time. During the day, Em usually sits up to nurse and at night, she'll lie on her side while one group nurses, then she moves to the other side of the pool and stretches out for the second group to nurse. Funny thing is, when the pups are nursing in groups, there are almost ALWAYS 5-6 pups in each group. Don't know if Emy isn't good at counting, but in MY book that adds up to more than nine!
Hope these give an idea of how the colors are different to each other and how their colors are lightening up.
(More pix on the website.)

The little boogers have their eys open... well, sort of! They sleep more than any litter I've had since doing Whoodles. I was really surprised yesterday when I picked them up and every one of them looked right at me. Usually when I pick one up, it doesn't even wake, Also usually,
pups this age... 15 days today... are moving around a lot. These guys move from one sleeping position to another and that's about it... except when it's their turn to eat. Then they try to get on their feet. But they seem healthy enough. Just lazy and easily appeased!

Took these pix with the new camera. I have a whole slew of them because I took a whole slew and most of them are fairly clear.
Thanks Marcy!

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