Friday, May 11, 2012

Back to Lazy Pups

No one has left the nest for 24 hours. Several of the pups have gone to the sides, especially the area where Emy steps in and out, and looked over, but then just walked a few feet and stretched out. Guess the 3 escapees told the rest of the litter how much work it was and they've decided to wait until they're bigger.

Rescue, looking for home

This sweetheart is Popcorn, a 6 pounds or so PomPoo. He is almost 6 years old and is neutered. Popcorn is a character! He gets along well with other dogs and is very into people. AND he is an excape artist! He climbs and can find the smallest hole in any fenceline. If you have time to keep an eye on him or live where he'd have to go outside ONLY when on lead, he'll make you a terrific pet!

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