Friday, May 18, 2012

Best Pix for Last?

I am seriously thinking about moving Emy and the puppies out of the bedroom into the computer/tv room this weekend. For one thing, they are doing really well and while they don't need extra space just yet, it won't hurt them. And for another thing, I spend a lot more awake time in the computer room than in the bedroom. And, for another another thing, I can put up a low divider in the computer room pen so Emy can have a space to get away from the pups, if she needs to. In the bedroom, she is pretty much trapped in... or OUT of... the puppy pen.

Bad Winter/Big Pest Spring
The local evening news just did a story on the incredible increase in the number of tick-bourne diseases this year. They have seen both Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease. When I moved up here 12 years ago, there were NO tick-bourne diseases in the area. This is not good news since I am surrounded by trees and brush. I had a number of trees close to the house removed just over a year ago... well, taken down... the trees are still there... and have seen A LOT fewer ticks since. So far this year, I've seen only a couple, both on ME, not the dogs. Following the theory of "better safe than sorry," I'm going to have to start using BOTH Frontline (for ticks) and Advantage (for fleas) each month. Speaking of which, you don't want to get me started on fleas!

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