Saturday, May 5, 2012


I am SOOO looking forward to THE RACE tomorrow! This afternoon I found a website with various articles about the Derby mostly, but a few of general interest (if your general interest is horse racing.) And one of the authors is Kerry Thomas, THE expert in "emotional conformation profiling." He applies aspects of herd dynamics and individual psychology to how horses run their races. It was absolutely fascinating and I'll be watching the Derby with his comments in mind. By the way, he is really high on Union Rags and Went the Day Well, but his analysis of Creative Cause has not disuaded me from him. His observations of all 20 colts gave me so much new stuff to think about I'll be up all night. Something he said about one of the colts was reinforced when I went to the Zenyatta forum and they were talking about the same colt and problems he had with his mom. (It happens to the best of us!) It just goes to show that moms of any kind have a life long effect, positive and negative that often go unidentified as the basis of behavior. Don't get me wrong, I'm not big on psycological mumble-jumble, but some things just make sense.

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